The Victorian Estate Lakes

I no longer manage these fine lakes but retain a close interest in them - after all, I restored them over 25 years ago! You can read about the restoration in my 2015 book "Reflections on Still Water"

The Victorian Estate LakesBrach LakeEelstage Lake

There have been many changes in these two, two-acre lakes since I gave up the management of them a good number of years ago. I'll try to outline the current situation.

The Lower Lake

This lake is now lying fallow after the partial dredging during the winter of 2019/20. It was refilled soon after that event but no proper restocking has yet been done because of adverse weather and the difficulty of organising a netting during a pandemic.

Probably, however, fry from the Upper Lake will have found their way down through the connecting pipe during the summer and autumn of 2020. There may well be already a good population of small tench, roach, rudd and carp. If there are many crucians in the Upper Lake, they may have colonised downstream as well. However, only one or two have been caught in the Upper Lake so there may not be enough there to breed successfully. Crucian populations can remain undetected for some time, though, as we know.

The Upper Lake fished very well for big roach and sizeable tench and carp during the summer and autumn of 2020 so there is hope that these two fine lakes will one day once again produce the sensational fishing of the past.

The Upper Lake

This lake was dredged a few years ago and has not yet regained its full potential. The roach fishing in this lake can be very good indeed, with fish every year caught approaching or attaining 2lbs. Their shape and colouring are remarkable for stillwater roach. There are some carp in the lake and a few tench. In the past the latter have reached 6lbs. Crucians and rudd are present too and no doubt are growing fast.

The Victorian Estate Lakes' diary for: 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2017 / 2019

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Diary 2019

13th August 2019:

Nigel sent us this fine picture of a tench taken from Brach, just shy of 5lbs it would have been nearer six at the start of the season.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

11th August 2019: Dave and Pete Fished Brach.

Peter emailed and said it would be good to have a crack at Brach. Well who could resist the pleasure of Pete's company so we arranged an afternoon which fortunately turned out to be dull and overcast with just an occasional shower. In previous weeks I have been experimenting with end rigs to outwit the rudd and indeed the pesky half pound roach that are suicidal at times.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

Most of my trips to the lake have resulted in a roach or two over the pound and a couple of modest tench to boot. My resulting rig has been a small reed waggler, with the reel line terminating with a quick change micro-swivel. To this is a size 14 Preston Innovations eyed hook with a hair of about 15mm using a push stop (quite nifty these are) to retain the bait, the hook length being 3.4lb Drennan Series 7 mono. Tutti Frutti 10mm boilies work well but are often taken by roach of 6 ounces or so. Slightly larger Sonubaits 11mm S-Pellets definitely deceive the larger roach. Sorry to drift away from the more traditional approach of bread flake, worms and corn but needs must.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

Half-way through the session with Peter I struck into a very hard fighting fish that I just manged to prevent plunging too deeply into a bed of lilies. The fish soon gave its identity away as it shone like a beacon - golden yellow as it jigged and jagged in its efforts to avoid the net. With encouragement from Pete, the net finally brought a splendid tench to the bank - an impressive looker weighing in at 4lb 10oz.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

Not to be outdone, Peter who'd come with the intention of trying a vintage swing tip rod but using my modern end rig and succeeded in catching some very handsome roach topped by one of 1lb 2oz.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

Towards the end of our day we huddled under my brolly from a heavy shower and as soon as that cleared we departed from this enchanting lake.

The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes

May 2019. Dredging.

Dave Redwood was good enough to send us a few photos of Eelstage's recent draining and dredging.

The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes
The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes
The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes
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Diary 2017

June-August 2017. The first few months: a new member's experiences by Dave Redwood

During the week leading up to opening day, I spent some time wandering around both lakes sizing up potential swims and taking a host of photographs. Anyone who has a passion for gardening will know the wonderful displays of flowers that are so evident in early summer - and so too the lakes with such a prolific display of nature's finest; birds trilling, insects buzzing and wild flowers just plain showing off. To say I was excited is understating my anticipation, and me at my ripe old age too.

June 16th 2017

I decide to start on the upper lake fishing corn and sometime bread flake on light float tackle. I took a lot of palm sized roach and rudd and had one decent fish, a roach of 1 - 05. I had hoped for tench but despite the fizzing going on and the impressive shape of a large golden tench gliding past my float, they were not to be deceived by my efforts.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

The fun started on 19th June, Steve had arrived early had landed nine crucians before leaving around lunch time. I had arrived about 9.00 and had three crucians of 1 - 09, 1 - 15 and 2 - 01. I packed up when the heat became insufferable at about 3.00pm.

The following morning I returned for a three hour session and using the same delicate set-up as before I had five crucians; one of about a pound, and others of 2- 00, 2 - 01, 2 - 02 and 2 - 03 these being interspersed by marauding rudd. Corn was the successful bait over a scattering of small red pellets. The bites were delicate being either a very small lift which or a barely perceptible sideways movement.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

1st July 2017

I had a tench of 3 - 04 fairly early on that took a pinch of bread followed by many small plucks on bread and corn. At midday I had the first of six crucians between 2 - 0 1 and a personal best of 2 - 05. I pulled out of two as well. I had to leave at 1.30 so may have had more. No one else on the lakes at all, in fact I continue to be surprised by the number of times I have not one but both lakes to myself!

The Victorian Estate Lakes

10th July 2017

Today was a good day. I went as usual to the lower lake and found no-one else there. Over the previous few days I've been dragging and feeding a new swim so that's where I settled.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

This time there were very few bubblers about but the crucians certainly were, interspersed with some handsome rudd. I now believe the bubblers are tench rooting about for bloodworm and largely uninterested in my corn. An absence of bubbles to me now means possibility of crucians. First cast produced a lovely lift and slide away which found me hanging onto a carp which swam in a wide arc and then headed across the lake. My hook was bent fearsomely. Thereafter I had eight crucians: 1 - 08, 2 - 00, 2 - 04, 1 - 15, 1 - 12, 2 - 06, 2 - 00, 2 - 06. Total fishing time of three hours.

I'll rest that swim now and concentrate on Brach roach.

11th July 2017

Heavy rain and boy do we need a fortnight of this rain to go part way to restore the rivers. However, I braved the rain, ignoring the crucian lake and instead aimed for roach in the upper lake Brach. I dithered over three swims before selecting one fringed by lilies and bounded by scrub willow. The lake looked flat apart from the main open part which resembled a miniature oceanic gyre. Very few bubblers visible some way out and little else. I used the previously made-up tackle for the crucians and baited with corn over a sprinkling of corn and red pellets. Bites came straight away and I missed the first thee then hooked a nice roach of about 6 ounces. All the while the drizzle turned heavier and the bites tailed off. I jiggled around with the shotting and then had an excellent roach of 1-02. Thinking this would turn into a fine session albeit in horrid conditions, I soldiered on but alas it was ages before I could elicit further interest and when I did I lost the fish - another fine roach too. After about three hours trying hard I got stuck into an immovable object on the lake bed and lost my favourite small stillwater float.

The Victorian Estate Lakes

Tomorrow is another day!

14th July 2017

Another fine morning for tempting the finicky crucians on the lower lake. Unusually, there was another car parked up near the path. I quickly found the angler responsible, none other than maestro Peter Wheat. Wielding his favourite glass B&W Flyer rod and centre-pin reel he proved that he's still on top of his game. We reminisced about the good old days of fighting for a barbel swim on the Royalty and catching huge roach from the middle Stour.

The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes

31st July 2017

A few days' ago I had a poor day on Eelstage lake but felt yesterday's rain might have perked things up. Then again I figured it might be worth a fling of the fly on the Wylye. My indecision was resolved by fly fishing at Eelstage but when I got there absolutely nothing was showing or rising - normally the surface is peppered with rudd rises. I tied on a gold ribbed hare's ear and greased the leader to within two feet of the fly. Alas nought. Being as I'd reached the far end I thought I might have a little fling in the embryo river Sem. It's wild, stony and exceedingly overgrown. I'm not sure any members will have ever cast a fly there. I had a couple of rudd escapees from the lake and a chub of maybe 12 ounces.

The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes

Greatly pleased I came back up the left bank of the lake and found a few rudd which I tempted with a black klinkhammer fished sub-surface but they were tiny.

4th August

Annoyingly, we had guests for three days and I was under orders not to stray! Anyway off they went and off I went to Brach and had about a dozen spanking roach with best fish of just shy of one pound. Roach ace HM was there and had a heap of fish on the pole to 1 - 04.

For a brief moment a kingfisher touched down on my rod. Brilliant!

The Victorian Estate Lakes

28th June 2017: Hugh Miles fishes The Lakes

Well worth popping over to Hugh Miles' superb 'blog' to take in this wonderfully illustrated account of fishing on The Lakes.

Actually, it's well worth visiting at any time.

June 2017: Victorian Estate Lakes update

I no longer manage these ponds, but the good work goes on. Despite severe cormorant predation over the winter, the lower pond has turned up trumps with some beautiful crucians to over 2lbs, as these pictures show.

The Victorian Estate Lakes
The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes
The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes
The Victorian Estate Lakes The Victorian Estate Lakes
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Diary 2015

August 4th, 2015

The Lower Lake has fished well for crucians despite the indifferent weather. The fish are in excellent condition and averaging 2lbs in weight with a biggest of 2lbs 10oz. For some great pics have a look at Hugh Miles' always excellent blog.

June the 17th, 2015. A fading fish-wind, an electric fence and a hare.

Against the better judgement of my stomach, I sallied, gingerly, forth - motivation coming from a holiday day booked and a membership paid for. Hm.

Brach was denuded somewhat since my last visit, but a wind had gathered enough of a run-up to push ripples into the east corner and a dark shape or two piqued my interest. I'd only the MKIV 'G' s/u, but the skippy quill brought out a small dark carp after ten minutes, then a stream of bold gold rudd beaching themselves on a big-hooked mussel...

Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes

...but the wind died in diminishing stages, fish drifted off, so I wandered about Eelstage looking for somewhere I liked. The closest match was in the south-east corner where, over-tackled for crus, I endured small-rudd-nuisance for one bite after two long wheezy hours, the strike tying the whole end tackle around the rod. Teasing out one of the loops with thinning patience, I recalled suddenly, prompted by a sharp 'crack', the otter fence...I bit off the line and scooted. Halfway up the field was a hare, which lolloped a few yards and hunkered. Slowing the driving machine I took a snap through the window, the day's highlight.

19th May 2015

The top lake is now full and looks very inviting. It has been stocked with crucians, roach, tench and just a few big carp. With virtually a "new pond" to live in, the fish should grow really fast this year.

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Diary 2014

1st May 2014: an update

The make-over of the lakes has begun in earnest. Stage one has been the draining and dredging of the upper lake. Two machines worked for over a week, piling the silt behind banks of drier soil on the west side of the lake. This is the second dredging since the lakes were restored in 1991. The whole of what we call the River Arm acts as a great silt trap and as long as this is cleared every ten years or so the rest of the lake largely remains unaffected.

Ideally, of course, the lake would be off-line, with the river running round it rather than into it but the nature of the site makes this impracticable. If the existing spillway were to be used, the lake would be smaller; and building another spillway would be far too expensive. So, regular dredging it has to be.

The last time this was done the fish grew rapidly in the following year - one great carp added 7lbs to its previous year's weight, for example. So we are looking forward to the re-filling and re-stocking - all the fish are at the moment in the lower lake. It is intended to leave the upper lake dry while necessary maintenance is done, like cutting back the willows overhanging the island and the main lake.

The Estate Lake

There's always a danger when the mature crucians and carp will cross-breed when they are put back into the refreshed lake - breeding rates are often high in such a situation. The hybrids would be removed at subsequent nettings, of course, but we might be short of young true crucians. So the plan is to stock first with 4" - 6" fish. There should be enough water in the otherwise dry lake to make that OK.

Another reason for doing this is that crucian recruitment is usually poor in a lake with a big population of roach - and there are some beauties to come back in from the lower lake. This seems not to because of predation by the bigger roach but because of the annually huge numbers of roach fry that presumably gobble up food supplies as well as the crucian larvae. As a result, crucians in a mixed fishery are seldom numerous - hence the precautionary early stocking with young ones.

When the lake is full again, probably in the autumn, all the fish will be moved from the bottom lake while that is given much the same treatment and restored to full fertility. It seems drastic but drying out a lake has been standard practice in fish farming since the sixteenth century and the results in fish growth, condition and breeding are almost always phenomenal.

Then, some time late in 2015 probably, the fish will be re-sorted and the anglers will have their two lakes back again instead of the one (or the other) they will have been restricted to for over two years.

The crucians should thrive and I'll keep you posted.

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Diary 2013

July 28th 2013

Just to show you what's being caught from the Victorian estate lakes this season...

July 23rd 2013

A wonderful catch by D. in his own words...

I simply can't believe what just happened! I have just had another catch of a lifetime!! (The other being the 7lb tench from Blenheim).

I carried on fishing thinking that I'd pack up soon and caught a couple more roach in the same swim. Then it all went quiet so I grabbed some bread and the carp rod and went up to the top of the lake. I saw two carp on the surface looking really catchable so I just lowered the crust down and only a couple of minutes later the carp went under the bait three times and then turned and took it in without hesitation. A mirror about 11 or 12 lbs. I then packed up feeling a happy fisherman.

With everything in the van I decided to go for a walk around the Lower Lake just to have a nose and in the last swim I looked in, I could not believe my eyes. There must have been all the crucian population in that entire swim just sunbathing. And then I noticed one or two bubbling so dashed back to the van, tackled back up and cast into the crucian pot. I thought that if I was lucky enough to get one then they would all scatter and I thought just one would be great. I caught one at about 1½ pounds, and they sort of scattered but only a few moments later re-grouped in the swim (between the weed on one side and lilies the other). Next cast produced an amazing cru of 2lb 8oz, easily my best ever, and I went on to catch thirteen more! Each time they scattered and then they re-grouped and gradually came closer back into the swim. I fed a tiny amount only to get their heads down onto the bottom, just a few hook baits each cast but I think something else was drawing them in like a magnet.

So fifteen cru's in total from the Lower Lake. Three were 2lb 8oz and maybe five were 2lb or just over. Only one was under a pound. Incidentally most bites were bold (ish) and I didn't strike at small dips and lifts. I did get a few on quite positive lift bites, which was nice.

When I left, a couple of tussling buzzards swooped just above my head. I drove home grinning from ear to ear.

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Diary 2012

13th July 2012. JAA popped in

I was most fortunate to fish this fine crucian water as Pete's guest. It rained a lot and I got thoroughly soaked twice. By way of compensation I had two very good fish at 2lb 2oz and 2lb 6oz and a 13oz rudd, which isn't bad either. I used slivers of meat for bait and a float with a long fine antenna that would rise 4cm on a no. 8 tell-tale. Neither of the crucians moved the float more than a mm, they can do this. Pete came by at the right time to take the picture of the crucian and yours truly.

Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes
Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes

I risked a drive-by on the Lower Pond and had a lone tench before the Heavens opened, so drenched (again), I squelched back to the car, wading through a stream of water by the stile.

Pete's Ponds Pete's Ponds

June 16th 2012

I popped in to see how the lucky few were doing, on a cool and breezy morning. No mist on peaceful water today, just a gusty lop. Chris and Kevin were on the top lake, blanking but taking refuge from the "crowded" bottom lake, where Mark and Kevin had over-nighted after the big crucians. Two anglers on a 2-acre lake is our idea of over-crowding in this neck of the woods. They'd listened to England beating Sweden and had seen our resident barn owl, while waiting for midnight to arrive. Since then, they'd had three nice crucians to just under 3lbs - and Mark landed another as I stood chatting, a pretty fish of about 1½lbs. Earlier he'd lost a big fish in the water lilies, perhaps a tench that had been missed in the netting - or a giant crucian, of which there should be a few by now.

Pete's Lakes Pete's Lakes

John had lost three and was muttering under his breath at the growing stands of Potamogeton Natans which the crucians had made a sudden successful dash for.

The soft weed was full of spawning crucians, the splashes coming every minute or two from different parts of the shallow end of the lake. I can't believe that this was the first spawning of the year but they were certainly very active. Perhaps the few fish that were being caught were the ones that had spawned in May. Or perhaps everything this year is late because of the cold weather.

When I left, Kevin and Chris had moved down to the bottom lake, hoping that the increasing warmth would bring the crucians on to the feed.

June 1st 2012

This is an extract from the fishery newsletter, reporting on the 2011/2012 season:

"Several crucians were caught from the top lake to over two pounds. They are a bit of an unknown quantity there, a number of good specimens turned up during the last netting, with the reduced stocking level they could have put on quite a bit of weight. Several times when I was fishing there at dusk, decent sized fish were priming quite noisily, I think they were probably crucians. I hope to have a go for them in the coming season.

"During the spring of 2011 the lower lake was netted, the tench were removed with the pick of the specimens being moved to the top lake. Carrying on with Peter's (Rolfe) original plan of keeping the crucian fishing as the main priority on this lake, taking out the competing tench seemed to be the next step to take. I'm not sure if it was coincidence, but shortly after removing the tench, weed growth started to appear."

"Numerous roach and rudd have appeared in the lower lake, presumably from the upper one via the ditch and pipe. At times they made it impossible to fish for crucians with maggots. A good number of them are of marketable size so we plan to net them out during the winter."

"Opening day also started well, HM and CY and their guests caught a good number of crucians, Chris landed twelve to 2:12, Hugh also had a best fish of 2:12. Chris's guest actually landed two of 2:15.5. Several members had successful attempts on the lower lake through the summer. SR had an unusual catch, he landed one of 2:09 and caught the same fish about fifteen minutes later. One member cryptically pointed out that it must have had the memory of a goldfish! During the autumn, PW managed one of his few trips of the season and caught a crucian of 3:04. Peter said that it was quiet for several hours but the crucians started to feed well after midnight."

"My first crucian trip of the winter was on Bonfire Night, there were a couple of very loud firework displays that lit up the lake but it didn't put the crucians off. This was the start of my most enjoyable and productive spell of crucian fishing so far. As usual, I fished for a few hours during evenings after work. Most evenings there would be a lot of activity in the swim, sometimes the bites were impossible to hit and on other occasions every strikeable bite would be a fish landed. The average size of the crucians was a bit higher than earlier in the season, most of the fish caught were 2:12 or larger my best crucian was 3:08 with two at 3:05 and two of 3:02. I had a hectic last evening of the season, losing two, catching four and missing lots of bites. Last fish of the season was one of the 3:05s, caught at 23:30pm. Bryan didn't manage to fish as much but caught a good number of crucians to 2:15 including one of 2:11 on Boxing Day. JW and MW were successful with the lower lake crucians, both landing fish to 2:14. There has been more crucian activity during daylight hours last season than there has for the previous few years."

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Diary 2011

July 12th 2011

On the way to feed the fish at the Wetland, I popped in to see how CY, HM and friends were doing on the Lower Lake. I ended up staying longer than I'd planned, watching CY fishing a weedy swim at the shallow end. The group had caught about a dozen crucians up to over 2lbs so there is no sign yet of the fish becoming exclusively night-feeders, despite what I feared.

A decent crucian carp and some old tackle

Crucians were spawning in the soft weed - a mixture of curly-leafed pondweed and, I think, milfoil - so with any luck there should be plenty of young crucians to continue the line. The abundance of soft weed this year may be the result of the removal of the big tench - something I've seen happen elsewhere.

June 27th 2011

Fished the upper lake with MW, master fisherman, who had two nice crucians of about 2lbs each in a mixed bag of roach, tench and crus. I managed one roach and two lost tench. We both fished with a light antenna float with pellet on a size 16 barbless - quite delicate but nothing super-sophisticated.

At first the sun was scorching down and I feared the worst, but then the clouds took over, with little spasms of rain. I can't believe that the cooler conditions had any immediate effect on the water, though obviously light levels were lower, but it made us feel more hopeful and we all know that confidence helps.

Mark's very fine Crucian Carp

The lower lake is fishing well for crucians and on one of my walks round I spotted HM crouched in his favourite swim, pole fishing incredibly finely and delicately just off an overhanging willow with a water lily bed to his left and in front of him. As I watched, he struck at a bite far too subtle for me to see and landed a very nice crucian after a brisk scrap. The pole was able to "push" the fish out of the lilies, which would probably have been more difficult with a standard 13' rod.

16th June 2011

There were six fishing today - a crowd, by our standards. The names were after the big crucians on the lower lake. PW had started at the crack of midnight and had five up to just under 2lbs during the night. When I arrived, at about 11.30am, he was just landing a 2lbs 3oz beauty.

PW's 2lb 3oz crucian carp

He said that the average size had been bigger since daylight. CY had managed to bag his favourite swim, had caught several nice fish up to just over 2lbs but had been eclipsed by his guest K on the opposite bank, who had a 2lbs 15½oz personal best (honest man!) and another at 2lbs 13oz. HM was just setting up his pole and baiting his swim with extraordinary accuracy from a little cup at its tip - laying the table, so to speak.

The beauty of our crucians on 16th June is that they feed for most of the day, because they seem to have forgotten what hooks and lines and baits are. It'll no doubt be very different after a week or two, when they'll probably be very shy and will have gone over to feeding mostly in the small hours. Today, in all, 43 crucians were caught, out of about 150 in the lake, with three of them close to 3lbs.

Beside the Upper Lake I found MW and JW licking their wounds after a carpless night. They'd had a couple of good tench, though, the biggest 5lbs plus.

April 2011

The Bottom Lake was netted and the tench removed to give the crucians more space. The best tench were put into the Top Lake. About 140 crucians were returned, with plenty nudging 3lbs, good, solid fish. Also, small numbers of 6" - 8" crucians were put back. Two year classes are missing. Perch fry were removed and some better ones returned, though there was nothing seen over 8oz. Annoyingly, small roach and rudd were found in the catch. These probably came down from the Top Lake when the Bottom Lake was re-filled after the last netting.

It will be very interesting to see how quickly the crucians will grow with the greatly reduced competition from the tench. I wonder how successfully the crucians will spawn this year now that the perch population has been temporarily reduced. We saw some perch spawn in the margins, though, and some of this will have survived. It will hatch before the crucians breed, possibly affecting their success.

March 2011

Upper lake netted. We returned about 45 crucians up to about 2lbs, along with the roach, tench and carp. We found and removed 4 small probable crucian x goldfish hybrids, along with a couple of ghost carp. Sometimes unwanted ornamental fish are dumped into this lake, because it's easy to get at from the road.

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Diary 2010

The Lower Lake

The Lower Lake is about two acres in size and contains only tench and about 150 big crucians, with a sprinkling of nuisance small perch. It's managed in favour of the crucians and the last netting, early this year, revealed plenty of fish apparently over 3lbs - there's a photo of a 3¼ pounder in the book. Strangely, few of these really big crucians have figured in catches this summer. There have been plenty of fish up to about 2¾lbs, mostly in very fine condition, but only a handful of "threes".

Eelstage in the sun

So far, no-one's come up with a good explanation for this. Have those biggest fish died? - they are (were?) some of the original stocking from the upper lake and over 20 years old. Or do the bigger fish shoal together and are they lurking away from the usual swims, perhaps more towards the centre of the lake, in the deepest water? Perhaps they spend the summer in the extensive lily beds. Or were we over-optimistic in our assessment of the size of the fish we netted? - only one was weighed. Last year, at this time of year, they were caught up to 3lbs 10oz and we were hoping for a "four".

Something else. We observe an almost-traditional close season here and for a week or two after the opening on June 16th 2010 catches of crucians were very good indeed, with CY, HM and PW doing particularly well, catching plenty during daylight hours. Then daylight sport suddenly declined and it wasn't until PW fished throughout the night that it became clear that the fish had switched to nocturnal mode.

Was that in reaction to perhaps 30% of the crucians having been caught in those early days of the season? There had been a decline in day-time catches in 2009, but we'd put that down to the daphnia bloom and the sudden clarity of the water. This last season, though, water colour has stayed good, so that can't be the explanation for the change to night-time feeding.

We do get occasional visits from otters and cormorants. Have the fish begun to feed at night because they feel safer from predation then? But aren't otters nocturnal?

The Upper Lake

The Upper Lake has much more of a mixture of species; roach, golden rudd, tench, carp, perch, chub and crucians - and possibly just one pike, if he's survived. No one really targets the crucians in this lake - in fact, it would be pretty difficult to do so because of all the other fish. How do you select crucians? I suppose you could experiment with different baits but it seems unlikely that any bait that crucians like would be ignored by the roach...or the rudd...or the tench. Swim selection seems equally hard. There seem to be crucians in most swims we try, but not in great numbers, and they turn up during a day's fishing in an unpredictable way, mixed up with the other kinds of fish. They're good fish, averaging about 2lbs.

It would seem unlikely that crucian fry would survive in a well-populated mixed fishery like this: any small crucians there are there were introduced from the lower pond during earlier nettings and many have been cropped out since to build up funds for the proposed dredging. This top pond receives its water supply from a small river and at times of heavy rainfall a lot of silt comes in too. A dredging of what we call "the river arm", where the silt gathers, will cost at least £4,000 to £5,000 and this money has to come from fishing income and sale of fish.

The 'Garden swim'